What to expect during your trial with Popsixle’s Shopify app

An overview of our free trial from start to finish

The Popsixle App allows for 21 days of free support so you can see for yourself how better data leads to better ad performance for your brand. Read on to learn what to expect so you can get the most from your experience as Popsixle helps you to get the most out of your data. 

Getting started: Installing the app & onboarding your brand

The 21-day trial kicks off at app installation, but you'll need to complete the onboarding process to actually set Popsixle's data connection live on your site. 

Step 1: Install the app

To get started with Popsixle, download and install the Popsixle app from Shopify: 




Step 2: Complete the onboarding process 

After you’ve successfully installed the Popsixle app, you’ll be led through the steps in the onboarding process, which take about 10 minutes to complete. 

You can see the process outlined in our guide:  Installing & Onboarding the Popsixle App

Remember trial setup is not a separate phase from the 21 days of free Popsixle support, so the length of your actual free Popsixle support is determined by when you finish the onboarding steps. If you’re stuck at any point, don't hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance via email or the live chat on our site so there’s no delay in your ads benefitting from Popsixle’s better data.

Once you've completed the onboarding process, Popsixle's connection will be live on your site processing and restoring events. 

Step 3: Complete the best practice steps

To get the most success with Popsixle, make to sure to also complete these best-practice recommendations: 

  1. Turn off the Sh​​opify-CAPI connection on your site by changing the setting to Conservative (follow this guide for the steps). The use of extra server-to-server connections (like Shopify-CAPI, Trackify, Elevar, Hyros or Wicked Reports) during Popsixle support can lead to over-reporting (more info here).

  2. If there's a pre-existing Allow List in your account's Meta Events Manager, add the domain “pop6serve.com" to the list (do not create a new list by adding pop6serve.com -- this step is only for accounts that already have a list in place)

The Popsixle trial 

Once the data connection is live ... 

  • You should see an immediate lift in server events in Meta Events Manager. Ad performance improvements won’t appear until after 100 processed purchases.
  • You'll gain access the Popsixle Customer Service dashboard: The dashboard is the main hub for your Popsixle support where you can view processed data, quantify the impact of Popsixle support, check your account settings, and run a test of quality assurance with the Popsixle Health Check feature.

During the trial

You can message our team at any time for support, but we'll reach out to share updates. Specific timing will vary for the length and launch-time of the trial, but here's a general timeline: 

  • Within 48 hours live: Our team will share the results of your account's post-launch health check, which will assess if data is flowing correctly and check for any issues with the account setup 
    • If any issues come up in your post-launch check (or at any other time), don't worry -- our team will work with you to identify the source and offer solutions to resolve any errors. The length of the trial allows for troubleshooting and monitoring data changes the first week of the trial is focused on fixing any underlying data/pixel issues, and the second and third week are meant to observe how much impact better data has on ad performance and stability.
  • After one week live: We'll check in to share an update of performance and accuracy based on your dashboard reports of Pre/Post performance and Attribution Accuracy. Here are two guides to support you in reviewing the reports: 
  • Toward the end of the trial: We'll share an updated view of performance and accuracy to support your review of the trial. 

The free trial will conclude 21 days from when the app was first installed, and your account will simply be charged the monthly subscription fee to continue

Popsixle's subscription is $95 per month (plus usage fees of $1 per $1,000 in revenue, for monthly Shopify store revenue over $10,000). 

The subscription is charged month-to-month, with with no long-term commitment.

You can cancel support at any time by removing the app in Shopify, which will turn off the connection and stop Popsixle processing and restoring data for your site.

Post-Popsixle: What to expect after shutoff 

If you decide to cancel support by removing the app (during or after your trial) know that your account may experience a decline in performance without Popsixle's constant stream of quality, fully-compliant data. Learn more here in our guide:  What to expect after ending Popsixle support

Post-Popsixle changes in performance or event match quality (EMQ) can actually be helpful serving as a second test of Popsixle efficacy. If you'd like, our team can support you with post-shutoff reports to keep you updated on adverse performance changes. If you decide to resume Popsixle support, you can simply re-install the app and repeat the onboarding process to turn the connection back on. 

Have questions or concerns? The Popsixle team is happy to help! Reach out via email or through the live chat on our site and a member of our team will get back to you within one business day.