How to measure success with Popsixle

The key metrics and indicators that determine a "win"

Just like no business is exactly the same, the definition of a Popsixle “win” will vary for each pilot. However, there are a few key ways to measure the success of Popsixle for your business.

Popsixle's Two Primary Goals:

  1. Data Restoration: Popsixle aims to provide Facebook's machine learning systems with an accurate representation of your best customers, resulting in improved ad performance.

  2. Attribution Accuracy: We work to eliminate Facebook's data modeling and guessing, providing you with precise reporting and attribution data to effectively manage your campaigns. 

Measuring Success

The key metrics to look for in determining success with your Popsixle support are within Facebook Ads Manager: 

    • Increased ad budgets

    • Decreased cost-per-purchase

    • Increased return-on-ad-spend (ROAS)

    • Stabilized ROAS within a tighter range

However, it’s important to consider your account’s attribution accuracy when analyzing success.

Here are some examples where improved accuracy can be a greater win than performance: 

  • The account was experiencing over-reporting prior to the pilot - if pilot performance metrics appear lower than pre-pilot numbers but attribution became more accurate over the length of the trial, it can indicate that your account was not reporting accurately prior to launch
  • The store has fewer than 50 purchases per week - there may be limited performance benefits because Facebook's machine learning system requires sufficient event volume to build a reliable training data set, but the account can still benefit from improved accuracy
  • Promotions, seasonality, new creative, or changes to the site -  performance may be influenced to increase/decrease by these factors, but attribution accuracy is not

Identifying a Successful Trial

Because there's no one measure of success, Popsixle’s reporting dashboard divides your data into three different dimensions to help you identify improvement during Popsixle support:

For a refresher on how to navigate Popsixle Customer Dashboard, watch the 4 minute video tour

  1. Facebook Reporting Accuracy

    The Attribution Accuracy report shines A light into the black box that is Facebook’s attribution model allowing you to quickly understand if Facebook’s ad platform is taking an appropriate level of credit for your sales.

    1. The report compares data from your Shopify store and your Facebook ad account and analyzes the level of click ids present from site visitors and purchases made on your site. Based on these factors, the time-based graph shows an acceptable range of credit that Facebook should take. It further breaks down your results by letting you see the difference between a 7-day click attribution, or total attributed purchases that include 1-day view attribution

    2. How to measure success: Excellent attribution accuracy is achieved when attributed purchases (the 7-day click attribution represented by the bold blue line) are well within the Expected Attribution Range. If attributed purchases rise or fall outside the expected range, that's an indication of inaccurate data because of over- or under-reporting.
    3. The Attribution Accuracy report will help you feel confident in the results you are seeing in your ad manager dashboard. This way, you can feel confident in your optimizations and budget decisions you make and allow Facebook’s platform to optimize your ads for the results you are hoping to see.

      1. Read on for more on how to read the report and learn how our team will guide you to improve attribution accuracy.
      2. Below are two snapshots, both with excellent accurate attribution: the first is showing a newly launched free trial with 9 days of attribution data, and the second is a subscribed Popsixle customer with 30 days of attribution data
      Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 4-47-04 PM-png

      Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 4-46-06 PM-png
  1. Facebook Ad Efficiency

    As mentioned above, a winning trial with Popsixle can be identified by consistently improving the key metrics like cost-per-purchase and ROAS to measure how efficiently your ad spend is being utilized. 

    1. Data is sourced from Facebook Ads Manager to track dollars spent on Facebook ads and revenue generated from attributed purchases to calculate cost-per-purchase and ROAS. 
    2. How to measure success: you'll have the ability to compare performance metrics during Popsixle support with 60-days of pre-Popsixle data to determine improvement 

  2. Facebook Growth
    Improved performance enables you to increase spending on Facebook, resulting in growing business revenue. This report (also sourced from Facebook Ads Manager) allows for a quick way to assess the growth of your campaign
    1. How to measure success: compare spend during Popsixle support to 8 weeks of pre-pilot spend to help you see if you were able to increase spend, then determine if increased spend led to more purchases and daily revenue. 

Additional measurements of success

  • Account stability is not a direct measurement on the dashboard, but it’s a major benefit of Popsixle’s support and crucial for long-term success. With the consistent flow of quality compliant data and Facebook no longer relying on data modeling, you’ll notice less fluctuation and volatility in daily and weekly performance. This is especially for accounts that experience frequent highs and lows between promotions, seasons, or newly launched creative/product
  • Incremental Events: Some advertisers can now access a new feature in Facebook Events Manager, which measures incremental events received from server-to-server connections like Popsixle. As this feature rolls out, we hope to quantify the incremental events from our data connection within your account.

In summary:

When measuring Popsixle efficacy, keep in mind that success is often determined by the status of your site prior to launch with attribution accuracy, stability and performance, so it's important to see the whole picture of improvement.

Either way, once installed Popsixle will do two things for your site:

  1. Popsixle’s connection will restore data with 100% compliancy to end loss caused by iOS14, fueling Facebook’s machine learning to improve your ad performance
  2. Popsixle’s tools will identify the health of your account, and our team will provide guidance on steps to improve attribution accuracy for overall better results

If you have any questions about Popsixle support or pilot performance, reach out to our team at