What to expect after ending Popsixle support

Read on to learn about what impact to expect after disconnecting Popsixle

If you decide not to continue with Popsixle support as a subscriber, Popsixle’s connection will switch off and no longer be processing and restoring events for your site. 

What happens at shut-off:

Popsixle’s connection on your site sends 100% compliant data to Facebook in real-time, fueling Facebook’s machine learning to give your ads the best reach and performance. Without it, Facebook will return to dropping 60% of data from opted-out iOS14 users.

What changes you can expect to performance:

Depending on the size of your business, you could expect to see changes quickly or 7-10 days after shutoff: similar to how it takes 100-1000 processed purchases events for Popsixle to fully ramp, it could take 100-1000 purchases after Popsixle is shut off before your Facebook account fully adjusts to the missing Popsixle data. 

Essentially, turning Popsixle support off means whatever improvements your site experienced during Popsixle support can reverse. Here’s how the dimensions of performance can be affected: 

  • Ad efficiency: stopping Popsixle's data processing and event restoration may lead to a drop in ad efficiency. Over the next ten days, your Facebook account will adjust to your non-Popsixle data, potentially resulting in a decrease in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and an increase in Cost Per Purchase.
  • Reporting Accuracy: the absence of Popsixle's data restoration and codes may affect the accuracy of your reporting. Facebook AI will use data modeling to fill in missing data, which can lead to inaccuracies in ad attribution and even over-reporting
  • Account Stability: Popsixle support aims to stabilize your performance and minimize volatility. Without it, your account might experience more performance fluctuations, which can impact growth and efficacy.
  • Growth: Popsixle's support can contribute to your site's growth by providing precise data and ensuring ad efficiency. Without it, you might notice slower growth or more challenges in scaling your business.

We want you to feel confident in your support and decision to subscribe. If you’re feeling unsure about Popsixle’s impact to your ad performance and business, you can test the efficacy by turning it off, and we can check back in after 1-2 weeks with a comparison report.

Turning Popsixle back on:

If you decided not to continue but are seeing adverse performance after shutoff, we can reconnect your account. If we still have access to your Shopify store and Facebook assets (pixel and ad account) and our app is still installed, you can simply set up a subscription and Popsixle will automatically turn back on. If you’re ready to re-connect, reach out and we’ll guide you to reinstating Popsixle.

Moving forward without Popsixle: 

We’re in support of what’s best for you and your site/brand. If Popsixle support is not right for you at this time, please know that we’d be happy to support you in the future.  

Once Popsixle turns off on your site, there’s really no action needed from you to “undo” the onboarding process, but you may choose to make some changes: 

  • If you followed our recommended best practice to turn off a server-to-server connection (like Shopify-CAPI), you could turn it back on 
  • If you added the domain “pop6serve.com" to the Allow List in your account's Facebook Events Manager, you may want to remove it from the list
  • You could also choose to revoke Popsixle access to the assets shared during the pilot onboarding process, but remember it will delay the reconnection process if you decide to come back, and it means we won't be able to show you performance changes after shutoff. Rest assured, we respect your privacy and only use this information to support your site. 

If you have any further questions about what disconnecting Popsixle might mean for your site, or need assistance to reconnect support, please reach out to us.