What to Expect During your Popsixle Pilot

An overview of our free trial from start to finish

Step 1: Site assessment

Submit your site’s url here for an assessment to check if it qualifies for the free trial. 

Our team will take a close look at the details of how your site is built and configured. If your site qualifies, you’ll receive an email outlining the steps you need to complete to onboard your site for the pilot.

Step 2: Onboarding process (takes approx. 10 minute) 

To install Popsixle on your site, we’ll need you to grant the following access/permissions

  • Sign our Access Agreement
  • Shopify - Accept all permissions in our partner request to your Shopify store (note that we'll need you to share your store's four-digit collaborator access code via email before we can generate the request)
  • Facebook access:
    • Add Popsixle as a partner in your business manager
    • Share read-only access to your ad account so we can create your weekly performance reports (Guide here)
    • Share read-only access to your dataset (or if pixel, share admin access) so we can generate a CAPI token and make note of your Pixel ID and Test Event Code (guide here

In addition to sharing the access above, we’ll also ask you to check your settings to prepare for an accurate test: 

  • Shut off any extra CAPI or server-to-server connections (click here for why
  • If your site has an existing Allow list in Facebook Events Manager, ensure the domain pop6serve.com is included in the list 

Once you’ve completed those steps above, we’ll install Popsixle on your site. You’ll receive a confirmation email that your pilot is live, plus access to your account’s dashboard. 

Step 3: Your trial 

  • Your dashboard access allows you to view pre-post results and real-time data throughout your trial. Watch the video for a tour: Popsixle Customer Dashboard
  • Once live, you should see an immediate lift in server events in Events Manager. Ad performance improvements won’t appear until after 100 processed purchases

You can message us at any time for support, but here’s when we’ll reach out:

  • Live 1-2 days: we’ll run a quality assurance check on your pilot to make sure data is flowing, accurate, and that there are no problems with the setup. 
  • Halfway through your pilot: we’ll check in with a performance update 
  • End of your pilot: we’ll check in again to share a review on performance and make sure all your questions are answered

Step 4: Subscribe to continue support 

Popsixle’s pilot is a true no-commitment free trial: 

  • We don’t ask for your billing information up front. If you choose to not continue, the Popsixle connection will simply shut off on your site when the pilot expires. You can also stop your trial at any point. 
    • If you know you’d like to continue support, you can set up a subscription at any time from your dashboard: just log in, go to Manage Subscription, select your plan, add billing information, then check out (full instructions here).
    • Ongoing use of Popsixle requires an active subscription, but all of our plans are billed monthly, with no long term commitment. Our plans are customized to your website’s monthly revenue (see more on our pricing page)
  • If Popsixle improved performance for your site, you may experience a decline in performance after support turns off. If you change your mind after the shut-off and decide to continue support, set up a subscription and Popsixle will automatically turn on for your site (as long as access to your Facebook and Shopify assets are intact)

Our team is available throughout your trial for any support or clarification needed - just reach out through the live chat on our site or email success@popsixle.com.