How to share Facebook ad account access

This article will walk you through how to grant Popsixle view-only access to your ad account

Why does Popsixle need access to my Facebook ad account?

Shared access to your brand's ad account enables two of the reporting features on the Popsixle Customer Dashboard: 

  1. Pre/Post performance reports - these reports source performance data from Ads Manager to help you measure Popsixle's impact on growth & ad efficiency (see our guide How to measure success with Popsixle)
  2. Attribution Accuracy report - this graph compares Popsixle-processed purchases with FBC to Ad Manager's data of reported purchases to provide a transparent view of Facebook's attribution, which helps you to account for over - or -under- reporting in your decision making, and helps us to support you in improving accuracy (see our guide How do I improve my Attribution Accuracy?

Make sure you have admin access to your brand's ad account before attempting to share access with Popsixle. Note that Popsixle is not able to connect to personal ad accounts. 

Here's how to share access: 

1) Log into your Meta Business Manager Business Settings

2) Go to Accounts > Ad Accounts

3) Click the Assign Partners button

4) Enter our business ID (2600470493346123) and grant read-only/View performance access

All set! 

Once pending access shows on our end, we'll accept and update the settings for your Popsixle account. Once your site is live with Popsixle support is live for 2-3 days, you'll see the data synced the dashboard's reporting features.