What if my Facebook accounts get hacked?

How Popsixle can support you in recovering from an account hack

Hacks happen - and they can be a real disruption to your Facebook account and ad performance. However, Popsixle is here to help you recover and get back on track. This article outlines the steps to take and the support provided by Popsixle after a hack.

Reach out Immediately

  1. If you discover a hack on your account, first contact Facebook to secure it.
  2. Then reach out to our team via success@popsixle.com  so we can temporarily turn off Popsixle’s connection to your site.
    1. Make sure to let us know if you need to temporarily revoke your pixel/ ad account’s partner access while you work through the hack. If Popsixle is still turned on when pixel access is revoked, it can cause system errors. We have an alert system in place for this purpose, but we appreciate your upfront communication so there’s no delay in your support.

Getting back on track with ad spend/performance

As Facebook investigates the hack your account may be restricted with ad spend for 7-10 days. We can keep your Popsixle support paused during that time of restricted spend. Once the investigation is complete, we'll support you in reactivating the Popsixle connection.

If you revoked access or needed to create new accounts as a result of the hack, we’ll need you to provide access before going live again

Follow the guides for sharing Meta pixel/dataset and ad account access

How to share Meta pixel/dataset access

How to share Meta ad account access  

As soon as we receive the renewed Facebook access we'll have your Popsixle support up and running again.

Note that if you need to share new accounts, there will be a period of adjustment: 

  • New pixel - it takes about 1,000 processed purchases for Popsixle to fully ramp up with a new pixel
  • New ad account - be advised that if the ad account is new, we won’t have historic data to compare to with our Pre-Post reporting, but our team can support you in measuring performance 

If your account is hacked while testing a Popsixle free trial

If you need to pause your support during your Popsixle pilot because of a hack, we’ll ensure you’re able to experience a full length pilot. Once you’re able to resume support, reach out and we’ll reset the dates of the pilot.

While pilot results during a post-hack period won’t be an accurate reflection of your site’s typical performance, having Popixle on your site during a hack recovery can be one of the best ways to ensure re-growth is strong, stable, and likely faster than before.  

With Popsixle, your account will not only have 100% data restoration from the start, but also the benefit of tools to measure reporting accuracy:

  • As your business grows, you’ll have the confidence that Facebook Ads Manager is showing real purchases, not phantom performance as a result of data modeling.
  • Not only does this make for a strong foundation that will lead to stable incremental growth, it will allow you to make empowered decisions for your business. Your return won’t be just a comeback, but a launchpad for scale. 

If once performance is ramped-up you’d like to test the efficacy of Popsixle, you can always turn it off and monitor performance changes. This can come at some risk to your performance, so please make sure to notify our team that you’ll be testing a shut-off.  We'll check in after 1-2 weeks with a comparison report and support you with turning Popsixle back on when you’re ready


Account hacks can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to cause havoc: with Popsixle you’ll have the support you need to make a smart recovery, get back on track with ad performance, and be even better than before.

If you're dealing with an account hack or have any questions about Popsixle support, reach out to our team at success@popsixle.com.