Was it Popsixle or the promotion?

How to know if performance during the pilot period was because of Popsixle or another factor like a sale

No Popsixle pilot happens within a vacuum. We know you’re always optimizing your business, so it's possible that your site's Popsixle test could coincide with other performance-boosting efforts like a promotion, launches of new creative or product, seasonal sales, or changes to the site.

We understand that when that happens, it can be challenging to determine whether performance improvement was due to Popsixle or the other factor. 

Unfortunately, the industry has not yet come up with a way to pinpoint what specific purchase (or other Meta event) is or isn’t tied to software support like Popsixle. We’d love to have that level of granularity to measure Popsixle's incremental lift, but it’s simply not possible yet.

Until it is, see below for a few things to consider in determining Popsixle's efficacy (to start, make sure to review how Popsixle measures success).

Here’s what Popsixle does for your site that a sale/promotion or other factor does not do:

  1. Prevent data loss by delivering 100% compliant data to Facebook
  2. Identify attribution inaccuracies and close the gap for more reliable Facebook data
  3. Create an environment of strong, stable growth instead of the performance fluctuations that can come between promotions

Consider the real value 

  • Without Popsixle’s data restoration, the 60% data loss forces Facebook to “guess” with data modeling to fill in the gaps. That means you’ll be guessing at the data, too  - when you can’t trust what you’re seeing with your ad's performance data, you're not able to make confident decisions with your campaigns

  • With Popsixle always at work supporting ad performance, you can focus on other parts of your business that drive revenue
  • A normal sale will show a big spike, followed by a big drop. Popsixle will lift your base level and help continue to improve results outside of a boom and bust.

Still feeling unsure? Here’s what you can do to further test Popsixle's impact

  • Extend Popsixle support
    • All of our subscriptions are billed month-to-month, with no contract or long-term commitment, so you can subscribe for more time to test Popsixle, then cancel anytime if you feel support is not right for you. 
  • Turn it off 
    • One of the best ways to test Popsixle efficacy is by shutting it off and monitoring the changes. You can allow the pilot to expire, and we can check back in after 1-2 weeks with a comparison report. 
    • This can come at some risk to your performance, but you can change your mind at any time and set up a subscription (or reach out to our team for guidance).
    • If you decide to go this route, make sure to notify our team so we know to follow up with you. 

If you have any questions about Popsixle support or pilot performance, reach out to our team at success@popsixle.com.