Updating Facebook account information

How to change your Facebook ad account and pixel/dataset information for your Popsixle-supported site

For Popsixle to work effectively, your account settings need to reflect the Facebook ad account and pixel that your ads are running on. If for any reason you need to make changes, you'll need to to share the updated info with our team so we can adjust your settings. 

Examples of situations that call for update Facebook account info during Popsixle support:

  • Incorrect account info shared during the pilot 
  • Ad account becomes disabled
  • Changes to company/admin ownership
  • Adjustments to regional support campaign strategy 
  • Account hack - click here for specific instructions

The process is two main steps: 

Once you’ve completed the steps necessary on your end to create the new ad account or pixel/dataset and migrated campaigns as needed, follow these two steps to share the info: 

  1. Reach out to our team. After you’ve completed the steps on your end to create the new ad account or pixel/dataset and migrated campaigns as needed, email success@popsixle.com to notify our team that you'll be making the update. 
    1. Be specific: name the account, store region, and the IDs of the ad account or pixel/datasets you'll be changing.
      1. Example: Hi Popsixle team, this is John Smith of XYZ Brand. I'm reaching out because we'll be needing to switch our ad account for the UK store of Brands R Us  (current account is ID  1234567). We're changing things over to account ID 8910111. I'll be sharing new access shortly. 
  2. Share access to the new accounts. Click the guide for full instructions:

    1. How to share Meta pixel/dataset access

    2. How to share Meta ad account access  

Once access is shared: 

Once our team receives access, we’ll adjust the settings in your Popsixle account to reflect the new Facebook assets and send you a confirmation message. You'll likely receive a follow-up health check report 48 hours later to ensure there are no issues and Popsixle is running smoothly. 

When monitoring and analyzing performance, keep this mind:

  • If the pixel/dataset was updated - it takes about 1,000 processed purchases for Popsixle to fully ramp up with a new pixel, so there will be period of adjustment that could last a few days or 1-2 weeks depending on your brand's typical purchase volume
  • If the updated ad account is a newly-created - if the ad account is new, there won’t be historic performance data to compare to in our dashboard with our Pre-Post reporting, but our team can support you in measuring performance in an alternative way 

If you needed to make changes while testing a Popsixle free trial, our team will work with you to ensure that you’re able to experience a full test of Popsixle support. 


If you need to make changes to your Popsixle account info or have any questions, reach out to our team at success@popsixle.com.