Why does Popsixle need access to my Shopify store?

This article will explain the specific permissions requested by Popsixle and why they are requested

Popsixle works best when we install our Shopify App in your Shopify Store. It allows us to track purchase and checkout-related events directly from the Shopify API with the highest level of reliability, in real time.

Partner Request Permissions

When we send the request, we will only ask for the permissions needed for our app to run. These permissions include:

Screen Shot 2023-04-23 at 6.52.23 PM

The Shopify app we install does 2 things:
  1. It installs our base code on all site pages
  2. It subscribes Shopify API web hooks for all events tied to the checkout process.
Permissions fall into three groups:
  • Group 1 - We require Themes and Manage Settings access so that our app can dynamically add our single line of base code to all pages as a script in the header. If it gets added to the theme manually and then you change the theme, the code will get uninstalled inadvertently
  • Group 2 - The web hooks that fire for all checkout events are processing customer info (email, phone, name) and cart information (total purchase amount) as part of the data payloads we share to Facebook. (See below example from events manager). To process this data we require Orders and Customers permissions
  • Group 3 - Our app is a private app and needs to be installed manually within your store. We need the various Manage Apps permissions to let us complete the install on your behalf

Have more questions? Reach out at success@popsixle.com