I’m seeing more total Purchase Events in the Events Manager than all the purchases in my eCommerce store. Why is that?

For most of our installs, we’re installing Popsixle on top of the Facebook pixel and the built-in Shopify CAPI connection. If this is the case, you will receive 3 Event Manager events for every actual Purchase that takes place:

  • One event comes from the Pixel
  • One event comes from Shopify’s CAPI connection
  • One event comes from Popsixle

If you had 100 purchases in your Shopify store, you should expect to see 300 Purchase Events in the Events Manager.

Facebook does an excellent job of matching, unifying, and deduplicating all of this data. If you’re concerned about event duplication, see the response to question 1, above.

Note that if you have subscription renewals, mostly these are recorded as purchases within Shopify between 12am and 2am each day. Shopify pings our server with these Purchase events and we process and send those events back to Facebook.

This will have no impact on your ad attribution because these subscriptions won’t be tied back to an ad impression within a 7-day look back period, and therefore can’t be attributed to an active ad. However, this is very rich data that we want to send to Facebook as it helps identify who your most valuable customers are. This trains Facebook’s machine learning system to better optimize your ads.